/// - Electronic Musician - ///

Originally haling from the mountains of rural Montana but living now in Connecticut, Jordan is a musician whom utilizes older analog synthesziers with emerging technology to create music that spans numerous classification and texture. Obsessed with the mechanical side of melody and emotionally inspired by the birth of early 80s dance music, the last 10 years of Jordan's career has been spent unraveling the origin of this deep, personal feeling and sharing this passion with others. This exploration can be heard in song form or in live performance (both in-person and on social media platforms).

= Old synthesizers / 808/LINN / analog+digital / 2ms or less / tech =



New Album: Mesh Fault
A rich devotion to early 80s electronic disco and spaced out synth tracks, "Mesh Fault" can soon be found on iTunes and Spotify.
/// Primary instruments used: Sequential Prophet-5, Roland System 100M and LinnDrum.
Also used: Roland Jupiter-4, Roland SH-3, Boss PC-2, Linn 9000, Kawai K1M, and Behringer Model D.